Heritage Pork


We have recently started on a very small scale raising some heritage hogs.

Jamie giving one of the sows a scratch.

Check back later as we continue to update this section of our website.


2019 Pork Prices



*Limited Quantities*

· Ground Pork-$5/lb 

Makes excellent meatballs either alone or mixed with ground beef

· Pork Chops- $7/lb

The most popular cut from the pork loin, which is the strip of meat that runs from the pig’s hip to shoulder. 

· Shoulder Steaks $6/lb

 Flavorful like roasts because they are rich in marbling, which keeps them tender during cooking. shoulder steak is a popular, quick-cooking cut for grilling. 

· Shoulder Roast $6/lb 

This versatile cut can be pot-roasted whole, cut up for stews or cooked over moist smoke in a smoker to transform it into classic pulled pork barbecue. Whether it is roasted, braised or barbecued, shoulder roast becomes meltingly tender and deliciously flavorful.

· Spare Ribs $4/lb 

Spareribs come from the belly of the hog and are known for their delicious, meaty pork flavor.

· Ham (coming soon)

· Bacon (coming soon)

· Breakfast Sausage$6/lb 

· Breakfast Sausage links $6.50/lb 

· Bones $2/lb

· Lard $1/lb

*Do not overcook pork or it will become dry and tough. Cooking to 145° F with a three-minute rest will result in clear or slightly pink tinted juices and provides meat that is juicy and tender.