Meat Shares for November 2019- February 2020 will be available late summer


Cooper Creek Ranch Meat Shares  



What will be in a share?

Here is an example of what may be in your share. 

· Ground Beef 5lbs ~ $20 value

· Roast 3-5 lbs ~$25 value

· At least one nice grilling steak ~$15-20 value

· Stew Meat ~$6 value

Each share will be slightly different and cuts will depend on availability. 

At least one recipe will accompany each share.

Once a month

One-Time Pickup:

We are offering a one-time pick up option. This is the same amount of meat that you would get throughout the 4 months, but in one pick up in November in Helena. If you have enough freezer space, and find you can't make the monthly pick-ups, this option could be for you. The one-time share will $300.


We are offering two different options.

You can pay in full before you pick up your first share. $300 for once a month share and you will receive a bonus in your first share as a thank you from us for paying up front. 

You can pay each month with a credit card on file. Your card will be charged the day of pick up.


Your delivery will be TBD in Helena from 4-6PM, location Ten Mile Creek Brewery

If something comes up and you can’t make it, you must call/email to make arrangements. (406)793-7023 or cell (406)370-7023

In the event of horrible weather and driving conditions, we will make other arrangements to get you your shares within the week. Thank you for understanding!

November-February Meat Shares

Please fill out this form even if you aren’t positive you are going to purchase a share. That way you will be on the email list.



Email Addresses (include family that may be picking up):  ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Regular Share _______

One-Time Share______

Once a month________

Twice a month________

Are you interested in having Pork added to your share when available _____________

Payment (Cash, Check, or Credit Card)

One Time Payment_______

Monthly Payment_________

MUST sign up by November 1

We have a limited number of shares available.

Please call, email, or visit our Helena Farmers Market to sign up. Online signup is under construction.